Upcoming Meeting Information

In September and October, Come on out to Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers in Euless for the NTTGA Meeting! The Manager at Freddy’s reserves parking spaces for us so we get to all par together, and it’s getting a little cooler outside, so this should be the best meeting we’ve ever had out there. Make sure you get a double cheeseburger, and don’t forget the custard!

September 21st and October 19th, both at 4PM

2820 State Hwy 121
Euless, TX 76039

In November, we’re planning a new event,  a fall cookout!   We’ve reserved a Pavilion at Paschall Park in Mesquite for November 15th, starting at 11AM.   More details later, but please plan on attending!



August meeting info 8-24-14 @4PM

Yeah, it’s probably going to be hot, but the good news is Freddy’s has the frozen Custard to Cool you down, and a few small shade trees outside that you can hide under. they are also giving us reserved parking right up front, and they don’t mind if you bring your drink back in as many time as you want for refills. We had a great time last month there, so let’s do it again!

Be at Freddy’s steakburger on State Highway 121, Euless, Texas 76039 at 4PM in August 24th



Meeting Wrap up from july!

We tried a new place this month, Freddy’s Frozen custard and Steakburger in Euless.   It was hot, but most of spent more time inside than usual enjoying the great burgers, Frozen custard, and the amazing Funnel cake.

Once we went outside, we got to enjoy a new mix of established NTGGA members cars, some occasional visitors, and a couple guys who were checking us out for the first time.   Everyone seems to have a great time, and we hope to have even more cars there on August 24th

I’d like to thank the  Managers of Freddy’s for reserving us parking spaces, what a nice treat!  It made the day extra special

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